This is loa, a debugger written in Python.

This is not a Python debugger the way pydb is.  It is intended as a
replacement for gdb, but written in a (more) sensible language.  It was
born out of frustration with gdb's poor scripting and inane implementation
bugs.  Hopefully it succeeds in delivering a different set of bugs.

The name comes from voodoo, in which loa are powerful spirits appealed to
and/or served by humans.  The imagery of invoking an intermediary to
address your problems is completely intentional, up to and including any
consequent problems the loa themselves give you.  The /loa loa filariasis/
nematode and the Hawai'ian volcano Mauna Loa are not intentional
namesakes, though the additional imagery there is a pleasant coincidence.

If you want to play with it, say:

% git clone
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config2008-04-28 02:18 126  
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